Partner with LM Funding

Rather than charging for our time as collection attorneys do, LM Funding earns its money by aggressively managing the collection process for you, and only when delinquent accounts are successfully collected. You give us the right to collect the debt, and we manage that process so you don’t have to. However, we are not a law firm or a collection agency. To collect the money you’re owed, we hire Florida Attorneys and their skilled staff to collect on your behalf.

Your association pays nothing out of pocket to LM Funding, and we pay all legal fees and costs on behalf of the Association. You never pay anything. Period! Moreover, LM Funding assumes all risks associated with collecting delinquent assessments. Even in the unusual event we were somehow unsuccessful in collecting the delinquent assessments, your association will never have a legal bill and the association always keeps our initial funding.

You can receive cash up front for delinquent accounts.

We pay for the legal fees and costs to collect.

We contract with an independent legal and accounting team to represent the association.

Our proprietary software helps manage the entire collection process from identifying new delinquent accounts through resolution of the delinquencies.

We utilize our additional resources to monetize a delinquent unit in the event of an association foreclosure.

You have 24/7 access to real time information on your files through LM Funding’s proprietary software.