Are You Keeping Up With Your Community Association Parking Lot?

Managing a COA or HOA comes with a lot of responsibilities. Keeping the property safe and making it a better place to live can include countless duties, and one of these duties is maintaining the community’s parking lot.


Pavement is durable enough to stand up to the elements. In a parking lot, it needs to withstand the weight of vehicles driving on it every day. But even with the best intentions, parking lots will still weaken and crack over time. Here’s what you need to know about parking lot maintenance for COAs and HOAs.


Do You Have a Maintenance Plan for Your Parking Lot?


Develop a plan for maintaining your parking lot so that you can be proactive – not reactive – when it comes to holes and cracks in the pavement. This means scheduling regular maintenance into your calendar. Committing to a maintenance plan can help you avoid expensive future repairs and replacements.


There’s not a one-size-fits-all maintenance plan for everyone because it depends on the type of pavement, what condition it is currently in, and other factors. Here’s what to keep in mind when developing your maintenance plan.


1. Clean and Sweep Parking Areas


Cleaning and sweeping the parking lot will make it look better, removing any debris and improving the curb appeal of your association. But there’s more to it than just good looks! Regular cleaning and sweeping helps ensure that your parking lot will stand the test of time. It reduces the chance of standing water, which will weaken and damage the surface. It also removes debris such as rocks and sand that can damage the surface when cars drive over it.


2. Seal Cracks


Many parking lots will benefit greatly from crack sealing. Cracks are inevitable, but they are still a serious problem that will only get worse if not sealed right away. Rain will only make the cracks worse and can even seep through the top layer and damage the foundation of your parking lot. If you notice cracks forming anywhere on the parking lot, you’ll want to get them fixed. Your asphalt company will know the right sealants to use to help your pavement last as long as possible!


3. Get Regular Sealcoating


A good maintenance plan often involves getting your asphalt parking lot sealcoated every two to three years, which means applying a protective layer to the entire surface of the parking lot. It can help reduce damage from water, UV rays, sand, salt, gasoline, oil, and other contaminants. Plus, it will make your parking lot look like new!


4. Get Fresh Striping


One of the best ways to update curb appeal? Paint! That doesn’t just go for houses – it goes for parking lots as well! Markings and striping will make your parking lot look new and fresh. It will also help your residents and visitors navigate the parking lot with ease, making things easier and safer for drivers and pedestrians alike.


5. Get it Resurfaced or Replaced When Necessary


While your maintenance plan should be geared towards reducing the chance of a total resurface or replacement, the time will come when you need a new parking lot. Even a well-maintained parking lot will likely need resurfacing or replacement in ten to fifteen years, depending on the traffic, location, and how well it was originally constructed.


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