Could Robots Be the Future of Association Security?

Does your condo or homeowner association need a security update?


Many associations place a high priority on security. After all, your residents trust you to maintain a secure environment where they can have total peace of mind about the safety of their families and possessions.


You may not have thought about the possibility of robot security, but it’s likely to be the future for many association security systems! Security robots can move throughout a space and patrol it. They are equipped with cameras for surveillance purposes. They are a great way to deter crime and deliver real-time intelligence. Here’s what you need to know about robots as the future of association security!


What’s Your Current Security Plan?


Does your current security plan measure up? Security lighting is a simple solution, along with surveillance cameras at prime entry and exit points. Most condo and homeowner associations have a physical barrier, like a wall surrounding the community and access control to shared spaces. Maintenance and front desk staff may be trained to assist with keeping the community secure.


Depending on the location, budget, and several other factors, you may have already determined that security guards are a necessity. This is too costly for some communities and it may be overkill in some situations, but it may be the right decision for your condo or homeowner association.


Making a solid security plan is important. It provides peace of mind and keeps everyone in your community safe. If your current plan is not measuring up due to recent thefts, or if owners have raised the idea of tightening up security, it’s time to revise your security plan.


How Does Your Community Feel About New Security Methods?


As always, your association is there to serve the needs of the condo or home owners in your community. This includes keeping them safe, but it also includes listening to their wishes and responding accordingly.


The condo owners or homeowners in your community may not be receptive to the idea of robot security. If there isn’t enough community support, you should look into other security methods that are better received. But don’t worry just yet: if you can effectively convince them of the cost-saving measures and increased security, you may be able to get owners on your side.


What Robot Security Can Do


Fancy technology may seem like it would be expensive, but the reality is, it is generally cheaper than hiring security personnel! A security robot is available nearly 24/7. It can provide a high level of security at a fraction of the cost of 24/7 security guards. Robots are also great as a way to augment your other security measures.


One company, Knightscope, is already making Autonomous Security Robots (ASRS) that offer tried-and-true monitoring and security features. They’re already used in shopping centers, parking structures, corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, and more. Using them in a residential setting is an obvious next step.


Robot security can:


      • Monitor entry/exit points
      • Detect possible threats
      • Allow for remote monitoring from a smartphone or computer
      • Patrol both indoor and outdoor spaces
      • Recognize certain faces and send alerts


If any of these features sound like something your association needs, consider the possibility of robot security! It’s not just the way of the future—it may actually be in reach today!  With LM Funding by your side protecting your associations budget, you can comfortably invest in improvements to further increase the property values in your community.


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