If your neighbor isn’t paying HOA fees, you’re paying them – and that’s a problem.  But don’t despair.  Our team, at MACS, Inc., has joined forces with LM Funding to offer you a way to rid yourself of  the problem altogether.  We call it our New Neighbor Guaranty.  And we promise you, it is just that.

LM Funding is a respected and highly successful company specializing in the finance and recovery of past due maintenance fees and assessments from non-paying unit owners, slow bank foreclosures, and ineffective past collection efforts.  Basically, what LM funding brings to the table are proven methods of helping communities manage their budgets and financial needs. These methods will help you, just as they’ve helped others, recover thousands of dollars you thought were lost.

Interested?  Here’s what will happen.  LM Funding representatives will meet with you, review your financial statements and create a custom approach to manage your budget needs.  We will present several different options for your consideration, based on the requirements necessary to properly manage your property.  And the best part?  We take the risk of making the collection and you receive your maintenance fees, which will keep your budget intact.  In addition, your association will never pay a legal fee for collection ever again. LM Funding absorbs those costs so you don’t have to.

» LM Funding guarantees assessment payments for up to 48 months (based on the maintenance fee).
» We pay the association maintenance fees, monthly, for each unit that is delinquent and turned over to LM Funding. 
» We pay any maintenance fee increases over the payment period.
» We engage their own legal counsel and pay for all of the associations collection-related costs.  The association has no legal fees and no exposure – ever.
» Associations recover any previous legal fees and costs collected.
» Associations receive a monthly report of all funded units, to include in their financial package to the Board.
» The agreement will indemnify, hold harmless, and defend your association from potential exposure.
» We assist the association with FHA and FANNIE MAE lending approval.

» Does your association need credit enhancement to obtain a loan?  MACS, Inc., in conjunction with LM Funding, built the HELP program to secure bank loans to associations.

» Does your association need a loan?  MACS, Inc./ LM Funding can help get your loan approved if: your association has a high delinquency rate, high owner/tenant occupancy ratio, or investor ownership over 10% of the units.  

That’s why we created HELP – Because we can! It’s that Simple.

For more information about the New Neighbor Guaranty and 
the HOA Loan program, please call us at 855-622-7462.
MACS, Inc. Local Headquarters | 2140 South Holly Street, Denver, Colorado 80222