What is Bitcoin Mining?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have rapidly gained notoriety during recent years, but many people still aren’t sure what Bitcoin is and how it works. Bitcoin and other crypto tokens rely on digital “mining.” Read on to learn more about what Bitcoin mining is and why it’s a great idea!



What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Just like US dollar bills, which are printed by the US Treasury and entered into circulation by the Federal Reserve, Bitcoin also needs to be created and entered into circulation. But instead of being printed and distributed by one central government authority, Bitcoin can be mined anywhere on the globe using computers.


To mine Bitcoin, you need a network of computers that are capable of solving extremely complex mathematical problems. Mining involves rapidly and correctly guessing a number that is less than or equal to a specific 64-digit hexadecimal number (called a “hash”) out of trillion of possibilities.


As Bitcoin is mined, it is also maintaining and developing the blockchain ledger, which is the foundation of how cryptocurrency works. Mining is essential in order to monitor and legitimize each Bitcoin transaction that occurs around the world.



Who Can Mine Bitcoin?

By mining Bitcoin, you aren’t just entering new tokens into circulation and helping to validate transactions. You can also earn crypto tokens when you have completed blocks of verified transactions, which is why so many investors are interested in mining cryptocurrency.


Technically, there aren’t any rules about who is or isn’t allowed to mine Bitcoin. The main barrier is the cost of the technology needed and the energy needed to run these mining rigs. You need to have lots of computing power and a high hash rate if you’re going to compete with the multiple other miners out there. It also takes a significant amount of time to mine Bitcoin. Also, you will only occasionally be rewarded with crypto tokens. For every 1MB of Bitcoin transactions that you verify, you will have the potential to earn bitcoin – but the catch is, you have to be the very first miner to guess a 64-digital number out of trillions of possibilities.



Can I Invest in Bitcoin Without Mining It Myself?

Years ago, it was possible for people to mine Bitcoin at home using a regular computer, but that is no longer the case. The difficulty of mining Bitcoin is constantly on the rise and is very competitive with millions of other miners working to verify transactions. However, there are still ways to get into cryptocurrency!


One option is to buy Bitcoin (or another crypto token) using regular currency. You can hold it and wait for it to increase in value. You can also put it into an interest-earning crypto account. If you’re looking to get into mining, the best way to be successful is to gather a lot of computing power and verify as many transactions as possible. Partnering with a digital mining company like US Digital Mining and Hosting is a great way to reap the benefits of cryptocurrency!